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Recordings are now available!

Join me for a virtual interactive workshop where you'll learn to build the most efficient and effective vocal warm-up to get you ready for anything in just minutes a day!

💥 90 mins
💥 demonstrations & coaching
💥 only $49USD - includes on demand access to the recording!

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Hi! I'm Melanie.

I'm a singer, a voice teacher, and a registered speech language pathologist (a voice therapist, actually) with a passion for helping people optimize their voices so they can do more of what they love! 

Wouldn't you love to spend less time warming up and more time being a vocal superstar?!

What do you get?

  • a 90 minute workshop that includes demonstrations and live coaching
  • the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback about your own progress
  • access to the recording you can watch back as many times as you need

What will you learn?

  • why a warmup will do you good, no matter what you use your voice for
  • how to build your own perfect warmup in the shortest amount of time possible for every voice task
  • 3 easy exercises you can start using to get you warmed up right, right away!
  • a simple framework you can apply to help you see right away how it's working for you

Learn the science behind why a warmup will make you ready for any vocal thing, any time, anywhere!

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for you if you are:
  • a voice user who wants your voice to respond quickly and easily, to resist injury, recover faster, and be ready for anything!
  • a singer who wants a warmup that's specific to the task at hand
  • a voice teacher who wants an effective, efficient framework for their students that will minimize the time they have to spend warming up 
  • a speech pathologist who wants a primer in how to give clients custom warm ups - including the science behind why they're important!

But I have questions!!!

What People Are Saying

Carol Ann, SLP


I learned so much from you during our workshop and had such a good time too! You have such a wealth of information to share and do so in such an enjoyable manner.  felt very comfortable in asking you questions and also felt 'safe' in responding to your questions. 

Broadway Voice Teacher


(Melanie is) an absolute star! Super empathic and playful yet direct and challenging.  Very inclusive of everyone.

I can't thank you enough.


Melanie Tapson


I wish I'd known daily warmups could be fast, efficient, and super focused when I was a professional singer! I would have been doing this kind of warmup every single day, and I would have loved the outcomes!

There's so much more to a warmup than just running a few scales.  

I promise, after this workshop, never again will you confuse technique time with warmup time - and you'll look forward to both!!

I'm in!

Fantastic! I'm so excited to get you warmed up from the inside out!

Warm me up!

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