Free Your Voice: 

learn to do laryngeal massage



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Join me for a virtual laryngeal massage how-to workshop designed to put relief at your fingertips!


You'll get:

  • 90 mins of instruction, demonstrations, and a recorded Q&A
  • 90 day access to the recording to watch on demand
  • the chance to discuss and ask questions in our Facebook community
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Hi! I'm Melanie.

I'm a singer, a voice teacher, and a registered speech language pathologist (a voice therapist, actually) with a passion for helping people optimize their voices so they can do more of what they love! 

How great would it feel to get to your most comfortable, clear voice in just a few minutes a day?

What do you get?

  • a 90 minute workshop that includes demonstrations and coaching
  • the opportunity to ask questions in our private Facebook community
  • access to the recording for 90 days so you can watch it again as many times as you need

What will you learn?

  • an intro to vocal anatomy so you know what you're touching
  • tips to help you landmark the important structures in the larynx
  • 3 easy laryngeal massage techniques to release tension and find a clear, comfortable voice


Feeling confident doing laryngeal massage comes down to knowing what to touch, where to find it, when it's helpful, why you'd want to, and how to know if it's working  And that's what you'll take away!

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • a voice user who wants your voice to feel more free and comfortable
  • a singer with trouble getting to those high notes
  • a voice teacher who has singers who are struggling with tongue tension
  • a speech pathologist who wants a primer in laryngeal massage for vocal tension

But I have questions!!!


I love teaching laryngeal massage because

it gives you a better understanding of your own instrument and puts
tools in YOUR hands!

Teaching you how to massage your own larynx also teaches you to listen to your body - which helps you develop the independence you crave.

Getting a massage is such a real luxury.
But having these tools at your fingertips gives you 
mini-luxuries every day.

It's just so practical!

Melanie Tapson

Registered Speech Language Pathologist
Professional Singer
Voice Therapist

Ok! I'm in!

I can't wait to get vocal freedom at my fingertips!

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