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A Collaborative Approach to Singing Voice Rehabilitation

Friday July 8 @ 1pmEDT on Zoom

Join me, Melanie Tapson, professional singer, voice teacher, and clinical voice therapist, for a 90 minute workshop designed to help you build your confidence in preventative and rehabilitative voice care for singers!

I have a bustling voice practice in Toronto, ON Canada that prioritizes care for singers of all kinds - as a singer myself, I am honoured to help keep singers doing what they love even more joyfully!

When I was seeking a voice care team in my own singing career, I found it challenging to explain to non-voice medical professionals the context in which I was using my voice. So now, I also find immense joy in creating opportunities that bring fellow voice enthusiasts - both voice teachers and speech pathologists - together to allow for knowledge translation across disciplines. I'm excited at the prospect of breaking down barriers, pulling back the curtain, and swirling the science and art of voice care together (with glee and a touch of irreverence!), creating a collaborative community that encourages us all to elevate one another's voice practices by sharing what we know!

As a singer, I've had amazing experiences like touring with an award-winning big band, starring in major production musicals, singing on studio recordings, and sailing around with Disney Cruise Line. As a voice teacher, I've held studio positions teaching across the lifespan, taught at an auditioned performing arts high school, been the vocal director for Concordia University's production of Into The Woods and the vocal coach for the Toronto All Star Big Band, and dialect coach for studio recordings. And as a clinical voice speech language pathologist, I've worked in a professional voice clinic on a team alongside a laryngologist as well as in a collaborative private practice, where I have the honour and privilege of keeping singers doing what they love more joyfully every day.

I'm excited to bring you a workshop from my perspectives as a singer, teacher, and SLP that's designed to help us all bring singers the best of habilitative and rehabilitative care - by keeping the singer at the centre of our collaborative circle!



  • SLPs looking to develop clinical & contextual skills and knowledge to feel confident working with singers seeking rehabilitation and

  • voice teachers looking to get access to the world of clinical voice care to help bridge singers from therapy back to full voice.


How great would it feel to have confidence that you have a contextual understanding of the complexities of working with a singer and evidence-based tools to help them get back to doing more of what they love?


In this workshop, you'll learn:

✨ the core components of singing voice evaluation and therapy that help a clinician create an individualized plan for a singer with vocal complaints

✨ the role & scope of both voice teachers and SLPs on the team, and how each one has an important role to play

✨ how to consider the expectations of the vocalist - including the context and style they are singing in - to help you create a customized return-to-full-voicing plan


📼 And yes, there'll be a recording! 📼


Total price includes 13% HST (Ontario, Canada).


Melanie is one of those rare experts who combines deep clinical and technical knowledge with extensive real-world experience, which gives her credibility and perspective she generously shares. Melanie has many gifts, one of which is her ability to take complex information and make it accessible, practical and fun!

Alison Matthews

For me, feeling confident working with singers comes down to three things: knowing HOW to communicate with a singer in their own language, understanding WHAT a singer's individual challenges are - both in context and in style of music, and having excellent foundational voice therapy skills to allow me to create a comprehensive and customized approach that will help the singer understand HOW we're going to get them back to full voice and beyond - as a team, with the singer at the centre. And that's why I created this workshop. I want you to feel confident working in this incredibly impactful area of voice, but more than that, because singers are vocal athletes, and if singing is important to them, it's important to us - and they deserve a collaborative, confident, and expert approach from all their team members!

Melanie Tapson