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Managing Muscle Tension Dysphonia

Recording available NOW until Thursday December 16!


Join me, Melanie Tapson, professional singer, voice teacher, and clinical voice therapist, for a 90 minute workshop on managing muscle tension dysphonia, designed to help you build your confidence in preventative and rehabilitative voice care for people with functional voice disorders!

I have a bustling voice practice in Toronto, ON Canada that prioritizes care for voice users of all kinds - as a singer who's had MTD myself, I am honoured to help help people with tension-related voice challenges get back to doing what they love even more joyfully!

I'm excited at the prospect of bringing voice teachers and SLPs together, breaking down barriers, pulling back the curtain, and swirling the science and art of voice care together (with glee and a touch of irreverence!), creating a collaborative community that encourages us all to elevate one another's voice practices by sharing what we know!

Full disclosure: that's actually why I became an SLP... to get answers to my own voice conundrums, and to find out what felt so exclusive and inaccessible about the knowledge available in clinical voice care. Along the way, I discovered a secret:

I wasn't alone.

Honestly, I thought I was the only person experiencing these kinds of unpredictable and frustrating voice problems that felt totally unsolvable. It gave me wicked impostor syndrome. Nobody in my industry as a professional singer talked about injuries, so information was impossible to come upon, particularly without showing my hand and risking being blacklisted for being "damaged goods". The truth is, my MTD also manifested in a way that made it really challenging to pin down what factors were contributing. In fact, it took almost TEN YEARS to get a proper diagnosis, even though I saw every. specialist. imaginable. 

So now I'm here to joyfully share with you things I have learned (and continue to learn!), experienced, felt, seen, and tried in practice about MTD and rehabilitative voice care. Voice has been a singular career-long obsession, so I promise you, there's going to be a LOT crammed in 90 mins! 



  • SLPs looking to develop clinical & contextual skills and knowledge to feel confident working with people who have functional or tension-based voice disorders and

  • voice teachers interested in understanding how collaborating with a clinical voice team can help to identify and resolve tension in singers complaining of limitations in their singing voice due to pain or tightness. 


In this workshop, you'll:

  • better understand the multiple complex factors that go into the causes and forms of muscle tension dysphonia...⁠
  • explore why MTD is so challenging as both a description and diagnosis...⁠
  • build on your toolkit of treatment approaches for multiple forms of MTD...⁠
  • learn the three things that you need to make your treatment approach for MTD effective...⁠ 


How great would it feel to have confidence that you have a contextual understanding of the complexities of working with clients who have functional voice problems and evidence-based tools to help them get back to doing more of what they love?


📼 And yes, you can enjoy the recording until Thursday December 16! 📼


Total price includes 13% HST (Ontario, Canada).


Experiencing MTD first-hand has offered me a perspective that fuels my passion for working with people who have tension-based voice issues. In my practice, I find the two most important things I can do to help these folx get back to loving their voices is: 1) share empathy for what the person is feeling and validate what they are experiencing, and 2) build their confidence (starting with expressing my own!) that we can work together as a team to help them get back to loving their voice again as quickly as possible. A deep understanding the complexity of MTD both in presentation and etiology alongside really strong foundational voice therapy skills is what allows me to create a comprehensive and customized approach that helps each voice user understand HOW we're going to get them back to full voice and beyond. And that's why I created this workshop. I want you to feel confident working in this incredibly challenging area of voice, but more than that, because MTD can impact the person's whole body and whole life even beyond the quality of their voice, I believe a collaborative, confident, and expert approach from all their team members can make tremendous positive impact on their quality of life in multiple areas!

Melanie Tapson - professional singer, voice teacher & clinical voice therapist

Melanie is one of those rare experts who combines deep clinical and technical knowledge with extensive real-world experience, which gives her credibility and perspective she generously shares. Melanie has many gifts, one of which is her ability to take complex information and make it accessible, practical and fun!

Alison Matthews - voice actor, professional speaker, acting voice teacher