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Want to go deeper, faster? Join me for three additional amazing 90 min workshops and get one of them for free!

  • Free Your Voice: learn to do laryngeal massage - reg $49USD
  • Focus Your Voice: your no-filler, laser-focused daily vocal warmup - reg $49USD
  • Freshen Up Your Voice: combat that virtual vocal fatigue! - reg $49USD

All recordings are currently available, and you get lifetime access to them as long as the content feels fresh enough for me to keep it alive! 


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Get Singing! monthly membership

If you're not singing as much as you want to be singing, this is for you.

Break the cycle of not singing and then feeling bad about not singing.

Start singing.

Here's how. 

In this monthly "gym membership" for your voice, I will help you figure out:

  • what to sing
  • how to prepare to sing it
  • how to keep singing it better


Let's not complicate it, people. 

Here's what you'll get:

  • specific warmups to make your voice stronger, go longer, and gain flexibility
  • an oh-so-simple practice framework so you know exactly what to do each day to improve your voice in the shortest amount of time possible
  • assistance in choosing songs that will help you achieve your vocal goals - so you can no longer use the excuse "but what do I sing?!"
  • feedback on your song to help with your progress along the way so you crush that vocal goal and build confidence

I know you. Because I am you. Let's get back to the love of singing using all the fancy SLP stuff I paid a gajillion dollars for. Get access to all those magic gems I've learned and tested on countless singers over the last decade for pennies compared to private voice therapy sessions - this program will give you exactly what you need to find your joy and free your voice.

I can't wait to hear you GET SINGING!




Total price includes 13% HST (Ontario, Canada).



What People Are Saying:

I joined this community because I need people to inspire me to do what I know I should. (I even need a swimming partner, and never go swimming alone, even though it's my absolutely favourite activity). I also remember that working on my voice means that people actually enjoy hearing me sing now, and that it also makes me a better (voice) therapist. I think the satisfaction is built in... since almost every time I run through the exercises, I notice improvement. It's also very satisfying to see your positive, enthusiastic comments cheering me on! I also feel really satisfied every time I sing or read aloud (which I do for hours every day).

Stephanie, SLP & singer

This is a great program. It's really great to connect with other singers and takes your singing to the next level. As someone who suffers from muscle tension, it's been hard to polish my singing but this program has been very helpful! Thanks so much Melanie!

Itir, singer/songwriter