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If you're looking to get the most out of your voice this fall, snap up all three workshops in the series and you'll get one free!


The Fall Vocal Freedom Bundle:

Recording Available: Free Your Voice: learn to do laryngeal massage! 

December 3: Freshen Up Your Voice: join me for a vocal retreat! 


All live interactive workshops take place at 1pm EDT via Zoom. Recordings available for 90 days of on-demand viewing afterwards!


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Focus Your Voice: your no-filler laser-focused vocal warmup 🍁

Recordings are now available!

Virtual interactive workshop where you'll learn to build the most efficient and effective vocal warmup to get you ready for anything in just minutes a day!


Wouldn't you love to spend less time warming up and more time being a vocal superstar?!


What do you get?

  • a 90 minute workshop that includes demonstrations 
  • the opportunity to replay for 90 days and follow along as you get more confident in your own skills
  • the opportunity to ask questions about what you're learning and engage in my private Facebook community!


What do you learn?

  • why a warmup will do you good, no matter what you use your voice for
  • how to build your own perfect warmup in the shortest amount of time possible for every voice task
  • 3 easy exercises you can start using to get you warmed up right, right away!
  • a simple framework you can apply to help you see right away how it's working for you

Learn the science behind why a warmup will make you ready for any vocal thing, any time, anywhere!



Total price includes 13% HST (Ontario, Canada).


Melanie is one of those rare experts who combines deep clinical and technical knowledge with extensive real-world experience, which gives her credibility and perspective she generously shares. Melanie has many gifts, one of which is her ability to take complex information and make it accessible, practical and fun!

Alison Matthews