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Cultivating Client Success with Gender Affirming Voice

Join your hosts, Melanie Tapson, clinical voice therapist, and Terri McDowell, powerhouse international finance partner and learn how to cultivate client success with gender affirming voice and communication work!

"Powerhouse international finance partner?!" What?!

You heard right! Terri is indeed a leader in her field; but she's also a voice client and trans woman who is making a name for herself as an advocate for trans visibility in the boardroom and beyond! She is graciously sharing her first-hand experience with voice exploration to help clinicians better understand the importance of building a culturally responsive practice, and the impact that working towards her own voice and communication goals has had on her life.


This workshop is designed for SLPs looking to develop clinical & cultural skills and knowledge to feel confident supporting gender diverse voice clients in a way that honours their gender identity.


How great would it feel to have confidence that you have both the clinical toolkit and cultural humility that makes for a truly culturally responsive and individualized voice practice for gender diverse clients?


In this workshop, you'll learn:

✨ the core components of gender expansive voice and communication
3 voice exercises to help explore pitch, resonance, and vocal fold mass - to uncover what feels most authentic to each client
✨ skills needed to continue to build a culturally responsive practice - from the perspective of a gender voice client

📼 And yes, there'll be a recording! 📼




Total price includes 13% HST (Ontario, Canada).


"I've learned that feeling confident working with gender diverse clients comes down to two things: knowing WHO is the best fit to help each client meet their goals (spoiler alert: it might not be you!) AND... if it turns out the best fit to help that client IS you... knowing that you've got the clinical and cultural competences needed to facilitate the change each individual client desires in a way that honours their gender identity. And that's why I created this workshop. I want you to feel confident working in this incredibly impactful area of voice, but more than that, because all clients - but especially gender diverse folx - deserve the highest level of cultural and clinical expertise from their team members!"

Melanie Tapson

Melanie is one of those rare experts who combines deep clinical and technical knowledge with extensive real-world experience, which gives her credibility and perspective she generously shares. Melanie has many gifts, one of which is her ability to take complex information and make it accessible, practical and fun!

Alison Matthews